Are you happier when you leave home than when you're at it?                Does your work give you a sense of joy and fulfilment?

     Would you like to feel happier at work?                                                           Are you as creative as you'd like to be?

          Are you frustrated by your relationships?                                                      Does life make sense to you?

               Do you find yourself bored quite a lot?                                                             Do you know how to get on track with what you really want?


If you believe you could feel a great deal more fulfilled, engaged and purposeful in your working life and in your relationships, what's stopping you from making that your reality?

                                                                                     How much are you enjoying the journey?

A joyous way of life is not only possible; it is our natural state. Anything else calls for deeper understanding, insight, perhaps healing, and adopting practices that help us treat ourselves and others better.

What lies in the way of your joy?

A repeat or chronic absence of joy often distils down to one or more insufficiently examined issues within ourselves or between ourselves and another. We may believe we've laid an issue to rest, imagining we've 'given enough time to that'. However, if it resurfaces or refuses to go away, it's often because some aspect of it remains undigested within our psyche; the knot has not been fully untied. This aspect can affect our performance in significant and subtle ways.

Whether or not we know what it is we need to address, in aiming purposefully and determinedly for joy, whatever lies in the way of it will come to light. Once revealed we can do something about it.

My approach is a dual one. I teach people how to master their left- and right-brains to get the best out of both faculties and give them lots of practice. At the same time I show them how to listen more effectively to themselves and others so that the journey to excellence becomes a joyous, collaborative enterprise within themselves and between themselves and others.

Sally Dearman-Cummings BSc (Hons)